UWB Hacks From Home is the fourth annual (and second virtual!) hackathon at the University of Washington, Bothell. The UWB ACM intends to bring students with diverse skill sets together to make connections and create something during these unprecedented times.

The tracks for this year are:

  • Tools: Software tools to help you survive quarantine
  • Health: Software to help you manage your health and wellness 
  • Connection: Software to help you keep up your social life
  • Wildcard: No ideas for the other paths? No problem! Just show us what you’ve got. Be unique. Be innovative. Build something awesome!

Our hackathon is a great way for college students to network, get hands-on-experience programming, and solve problems in teams. 

Whether this is your first or five hundredth hackathon, come join UWB Hacks From Home this year for a fun time!



Any college student aged 16 or older in the Puget Sound may register for the hackathon. All registered individuals must provide a valid .edu email address. Register here: https://uwbhacks.com/registration.html

Students may work in teams of up to 5 people; collaboration is strongly encouraged, but teams of 1 person is still allowed.

To be eligible for prizes, you must do the following:

  • Register for the event: https://uwbhacks.com/registration.html
  • Submit your project on DevPost by the submission deadline on Sunday, April 11th by 2:00PM.
  • Prizes can only be sent out to those who reside in the US


This hackathon focuses allow you to be creative and follow any of our tracks! As such, we expect all submitted projects to be either in the tools, health connection, or wildcard track.

In order to show us your amazing project, there are some things we need from you in your submission. For each category listed below, there are a few options for fulfilling the requirement, listed in order of preference.

Category 1: README

All submitted projects should have an accompanying document that explains the following:

  • Goals of the project
  • Desired user experience
  • Implementation details
  • Issues encountered, bugs fixed or still present, and future work to be done (every project has them!)

Category 2: User Experience Example

Show us how users interact with your project! It could be one or more of the following:

1.    Link to live endpoint (web app, custom API, etc)

2.    Video recording or screen recording of the user interacting with the project

3.    Screenshots of the UI or other pertinent information

Category 3: Implementation Details

We want to see how the project was created. Any or all of the following could be provided:

1.    GitHub repository containing all written code (Lambda/Functions or another programming language-centric products).

2.    Screenshots of configuration steps

The more information the judges have to evaluate your project, the more likely you are to receive recognition for your hard work!

Hackathon Sponsors


$2,000 in prizes

Digital Ocean Credits (5)

A total of $2000 in credits to the winning teams(s) - these can be distributed only in sums of $100, $125, and $250, per winning team.

Azure credits

Azure credits for each participant on the winning team

Cash Prize (4)

Cash value prizes that adds up to $1400

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Chris J

Saam A

Saam A

Anna J

Anna J

Angela FC

Angela FC

Derek O

Jonathon Y

Jonathon Y

Alex Lai

Judging Criteria

  • User Experience
    Does this project delight the end user? Is it funny, whimsical, or otherwise pleasing?
  • User Interface
    Is the user interface (where applicable) easy to use, intuitive, and pleasing to the eye?
  • Technical Complexity
    Is the project's code and implementation advanced?
  • Innovation -- Prize Category
    Does this project combine technology and code in a unique and functional fashion?
  • Impact -- Prize Category
    Does this project create impact for users, communities, and current events?
  • Track -- Prize Category
    Does the project adhere to the track prompt?

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